Online birth certificate check

Online birth certificate check: It is an internet application for birth registration, tracking the registration applications, and verifying birth records. Click here to check the Online birth certificate

Office of the Registrar General, Birth, and Death Registration. government Division. Enter “17 digits Birth Registration Number” and “Date of Birth” of an individual to verify the Birth Record. Birth Registration Number:

Click here for an Online birth certificate check.

Online birth certificate check

A certificate may be a vital record that documents the birth of a person. The term “birth certificate” can ask either the first document certifying the circumstances of the birth or to a licensed copy of or representation of the following registration of that birth. counting on the jurisdiction, a record of birth might or won’t contain verification of the event by such a midwife or doctor.


Birth certificate|birth registration in bd

According to the article paragraph of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the kid, “Every child has the proper to a reputation, birth registration, and nationality. “Every child has the proper to understand and look after his or her parents the maximum amount as possible.” A birth registration certificate is that the first legal document for an individual. On 2 July 1873, the British government enacted a law in undivided Bengal regarding birth registration.

Despite 118 years of geographical, political, and legal changes within the country, not all people are registered for birth. With the active support of UNICEF, the govt launched a project called “Birth and Death Registration Project” in 2001 under the Government Department.

During this era, the govt repealed the Birth and Death Registration Act 18733 and therefore the Birth, Death and Marriage Registration Act 188686.

During this era, the govt passed the new Birth and Death Registration Act in 2004 and came into force in July 2006. The Birth and Death Registration Rules were repealed in 18733 and therefore the Birth, Death and Marriage Registration Act 188686 was repealed in 2004 and therefore the new Birth and Death Registration Act was passed in 2004 and the Registration of Births and Deaths Act came into force in July 2006.

Birth Registration | birth certificate bd

Click here to visit the online birth certificate.

By law, all Union Councils, Municipalities, Cantonment Boards, City Corporations, and Bangladesh Missions act as Registrars of Birth Registration. Under the 2004 law, the govt adopted an identical birth and death registration rule out 2006.

For the resolution of Digital Bangladesh, the govt has introduced Online Birth Registration System (BRIS) within the country since October 2010 and gradually removed the manual system.

This work is totally internet-based. a complete of fifty,222 registrar offices in 124 zonal offices of 41,711 union parishads, 311 municipalities, 15 cantonment boards, and 11 city corporations across the country and a complete of 482 countries in 42 countries.53 Registrar Offices of Bangladesh Mission Online Birth & Death Registration Real-Time Birth license number and Hourly Birth Register View Real Time BR Data visit To continue the registration of births and deaths, and to stay the birth and death database stable and dynamic in September 2013, the govt amended the prevailing law on birth and death registration and announced the establishment of the Office of the Registrar General of Births and Deaths.

**According to Birth and Death Registration Act 2004, fees for Bangladesh missions concern persons will provide USD. 5.00 initially time for any birth and death registration, for any quite correction the person must provide USD 20.00 and for duplicate copy person got to pay USD 10.00.

**No fees can’t be taken without Voucher.

Reference: For Union Parishad- Birth and Death Registration (Union Parishad) Rules, 2006 as amended SR, O No. 71-Act / 2009 Date: April 19, 2009.

For Municipality- Birth and Death Registration (Municipality) Rules, 2006 as amended S, R, O No. 72-Act / 2009 Date: April 19, 2009.

For City Corporation- Birth and Death Registration (City Corporation) Rules, 2006 as amended S, R, O No. 63-Act / 2009 Date: April 19, 2009.

For Cantonment Board- Birth and Death Registration (Cantonment Board) Rules, 2006 as amended S, R, O No. 84-Act / 2009 Date: April 19, 2009.

For Embassy- Birth and Death Registration (Embassy) Rules, 2006

Birth registration in bd|Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra

According to the 2004 Birth and Death Registration Act (click here), anyone must register their birth. the daddy or mother or guardian or designated persons shall be liable for providing information regarding the kid’s birth to the Registrar (Mission posted abroad outside Bangladesh) within 45 (forty-five) days of the kid’s birth.
A certificate issued under this Act is one among the first proofs of an individual’s age to any office or court or school-college, government, or non-government organization, including the following:

  1. Passport issued;
  2. National card
  3. Marriage registration
  4. Admission to educational institutions;
  5. Employment in government or non-government organizations;
  6. Issuance of driving license;
  7. Preparation of voter list;
  8. Land registration and Other cases prescribed in accordance with the principles.

Click here to visit the birth certificate online.

How to apply:
Apply online at click here (if this link does not work properly then prob is Govt web sites, not ours)

and obtain a printout of the appliance.
Pay (please see “Payment Methods”)
Submit the subsequent documents to the High Commission:
A printed copy of the web application;

Name, Date of Birth, Parent’s Name, Permanent Address (Birth Certificate / Passport / NID) Documents
One copy passport size photo;
Children born outside Bangladesh must have a licensed copy of the certificate alongside a licensed copy of the parent’s Bangladesh passport (valid or expired)
Payment proof;
In case of sending documents by mail, please send a self-addressed pre-paid registered return envelope (signature required at the time of delivery) or arrange for a pre-paid return courier. (Please see more in delivery mode).

Processing time:
15 days after meeting all requirements

Within 45 days of birth: Free
45 days after birth: $ 2.00

Payment Method: (Click Here)

Please note:

The High Commission accepts applications face to face by mail or on to the High Commission. It doesn’t process any applications sent via email.
The High Commission isn’t liable for lost or delayed documents by mail/courier.
To apply face to face – be present at the High Commission on working days between 9.30 am and 12.30 am. No personal applications are going to be accepted except just in case of emergency.

How can I get my birth certificate online in Bangladesh?

Apply online at the link click here (if this link does not works properly then prob is Govt web sites , not ours).and obtain a print of the appliance. Make the payment (Please see the “Modes of Payment”)

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